Dave Chappelle to MMA?

Comedian and actor Dave Chappelle was recently on an ESPN radio show. The host asked Dave to share  his thoughts on the UFC and the rising popularity of  Mixed Martial Arts  Chappelle responded

Yeah I watch it sometimes, It’s always been something I wanted to do. I don’t mean I’m looking for a career in it  , but you know I would probably do it just for maybe one or two fights.

Chappelle went on to explain his current training in preparation for a potential bout

Like I said earlier man, its only a hobby, but I like training hard. Obviously with my career I’m always all over the place, but when I’m in Vegas, I try and stop in at Xtreme Couture, cause Randy is my boy. But yeah you know, if I’m in a place for more than a few days, I’ll go and train. I really like training down at ATT, they got some awesome guys there.

The host then went on to ask Chappelle about who he would most like to face off against if he were to compete

It doesn’t really matter to me man, I mean if i train hard and correctly it shouldn’t matter. It would be pretty fun to fight Rogan though. I know he trains and is a badass he is pretty big, but it would still be fun . Id like to fight Kat Williams too, yeah I’d really like to fight him.

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2 Comments on “Dave Chappelle to MMA?”

  1. ape fight Says:

    This seems like a bad idea….I’m sure Dave would advise Randy Couture not to go into stand up, but who know s? I can only imagine I would do if I was a super famous dude with time and money on my hands.

    Fight the Fight!

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