Kel Mitchell talks MMA

Kel Micthell, best known for his role as Kel Kimble in the Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan & Kel, was recently on a local radio show in which the host eventually went on to  discuss  the popularity of the UFC and the rapidly growing sport  MMA. Mitchell went onto give his thoughts

I think its cool,  I  watch it when I can,  but I would love to try it someday though. I think it would be a good way  to keep in shape and I’m always open to trying out new things.

The host then asked Mitchell who his favourite fighter is

It would have to be Randy Couture, It’s hard not to like that guy. To do what he is doing at his age is unbelievable.

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One Comment on “Kel Mitchell talks MMA”

  1. Lady Says:

    I love Kel Michell,he very beautiful

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