Matt Hughes – “I want the winner of GSP/Alves”

Future UFC hall of famer and long time welterweight champion Matt Hughes recently spoke on his win over Matt Serra at UFC 98 and his future plans. Matt Hughes was awarded a unanimous decision at UFC 98 claiming his 16th win in the Octagon, he gave his thoughts on the fight;

I went out there and followed the gameplan perfectly, I worked with Mark Fiore a lot during camp and it payed off.  I controlled the pace of fight and dealt the most damage, that’s what I feel won me the fight.

Hughes then went on to explain his current situation and his future plans for competing in MMA;

At this moment in time I’m a free agent, I went and sat down with Dana after the fight and discussed a few things, and I can tell you this I’ve got one more big fight left in me and its going to have to be against the winner of the GSP/Alves fight this July. Nothing else makes sense right now, I can’t really get myself motivated for anything else at this point in my career. I feel my chances against either guy are as good as anyones right now.

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