Jose Canseco talks about his MMA debut

Jose Canseco (0-1) recently made his MMA debut against K1 stand out Choi Hong man (4-2) who eliminated  Canseco from the ‘Super Hulk Tournament’ held at the Dream 9.  During the bout Canseco appeared to have injured his knee before falling to the canvas and tapping out due to strikes,  however Canseco still feels that he has gained the respect of the MMA fans and is eager to prove himself;

I went into that fight feeling good, I was controlling the fight and keeping him at bay. I kept winging that overhand right and if it connected he would’ve been KO’d no question but he did a good job of avoiding it. Unfortunately my knee gave out, its a shame because up until that point I feel I was dominating using my  footwork and I’m confident I would’ve won the fight. I injured my knee before the fight and I was advised to pull out but I took the risk and fought anyway. Choi is a very tough guy, in my opinion he gave Fedor the toughest fight of his career to date but during the fight I could see in his eyes that he was slightly dizzy about ready to go had I landed a few more blows I probably would have finished him.

Despite losing to the  Korean Canseco believes he has learned  a lot from this experience and is ready to take on a higher level of competition;

But those are the breaks of being a MMA fighter. Now I know that I can compete with the best and I want to step up to the UFC eventually. This fight raised my confidence, If I could hang with the best in the world and dominate the way I was doing then I’m confident I could do the same against some of the big names in the UFC. You have to keep in mind that Choi weighed in at over 300 pounds, guys in the UFC  are much smaller and that’s definitely a factor.

Although it appeared that Canseco appeared to be tapping out, he maintains this was not the case;

Well after I injured my knee I couldn’t remember anything, certainly not tapping. I wouldn’t ever want to go out like that.  I’m hoping when people saw my fight they said ‘now that’s a warrior’ because I honestly gave it my all when I went out there.  Right now I’m just resting my knee when I’m fully recovered then I’ll see where I will go from there.

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2 Comments on “Jose Canseco talks about his MMA debut”

  1. Canseco4ufcpresident Says:

    Canseco my man, too bad about the knee, you Shirley had HMC up to that point, sticking and moving, sticking and moving.

    You could dance circles around Machida and his footwork. After you take on Sapp, Godzilla and Fedor you should def sign with the UFC they need a true warrior like you! Just try and get your name changed legally to Ultimate Warrior since you truely symbolise what the warriorspirit is about.

    Can’t wait for your next fight, just replace the damn shit that’s busted in the knee with some metalplates and lets go!

    War Jose Canseco!

  2. dude Says:

    That’s the stupidest comment I’ve ever heard! Everybody knows he was gonna lose that fight against Choi. Oh, UFC? He’s gonna get himself killed.

    Maybe he should try for the NBA draft as well? JC is full of sh*t! People are just watching him fight coz he looks funny. Remember the boxing match? Yeah, I thought so!

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