Tito – “I want rematch with Machida, I’m still relevant ”

Former UFC champion – Tito Ortiz (15-6-1) recently spoke about his plans for competing in MMA and where he thinks he fits in with the rest of the division whilst being inactive for over a year . Ortiz last competed at UFC 84 in May of 2008 where he lost via unanimous decision to  current Light Heavyweight champion – Lyoto Machida. Since then Ortiz has been working closely with Affliction taking up a commentating role. His future in MMA is still uncertain, but he comments that he is still looking to compete where ever it may be and still ranks himself amongst the top light heavyweights in the world;

“Its funny how people have counted me out already, because I lost the current champ, who have I lost to since then?. To be honest I would be more than willing to have a rematch with Machida, in my fight  against him – he was running the whole time but at times he was wasting energy and I could feel that I was slowly wearing him down. I could tell  he [Machida] starting fading in the third round, if it was a five round fight I’m fairly confident I would’ve beaten him in the later rounds.

The thing is he’s never gone past the third round before and that’s a big deal when you’re fighting the elite in MMA, going into championship rounds really test your cardio and that’s where I feel I would really have the advantage. If Dana could put his personal issues aside for once and I probably would be the LHW champ right now.

Although Ortiz has not signed with another organisation he maintains that he will not be re-signing with the UFC any time soon;

I’ve said it before countless number of times I will re-sign  with UFC, as long as Dana isn’t the president of the UFC anymore until then I will be more than happy to go fight for someone else. You know I’m still very  much relevant in the LHW divison and I will prove it to everyone once I step back in there.

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