Wanderlei Silva -“He is scared”

Former longtime PRIDE middleweight champion – Wanderlei Silva (32-9-1) nicknamed ‘The axe murderer’ for his aggressive fighting style is feeling very confident in his  bout against Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin (24-4-1) scheduled for UFC 99. Silva and The Ace square up in a 195lbs catch weight clash which tops the bill in the UFC’s first-ever fight card in mainland Europe. The 32 year old MMA legend has been undergoing an extensive training camp in perpetration for this bout ;

I’m putting a lot of effort into this, I am giving my best in training – because I know about the responsibility, I am carrying a big weight on my back. I know I have to win. I know I am training hard but with him [Franklin] I have my doubts about his training methods – he is very big and he suddenly moving up in weight makes me suspicious. Maybe he needs edge to beat me you know, I think he is scared because he has seen my power.

Silva has promised his legions of fans a spectacular show on fight night;

There are only two possibilities in this fight – either I KO him or he KOs me

This is going to be a bloody fight, that’s all that can happen in this fight.

I go in hoping he hits me, because the second he hits me, I will crush him.

UFC middleweight champion-Anderson Silva  was very critical of Wanderlei’s move to 185 and so he recently invited Franklin  to train at his gym in Brazil to ensure that Franklin is victorious on June 13th.  While there is some bad blood brewing between the two Brazilians, Wanderlei insists that he is only worried about the task at hand;

He can do want he wants, if he wants to make it personal I will make it personal.  I would like to have a chance to fight him but my main focus right now is Rich. I always give good show for my fans – but he like to play about in his fights, this is not good for the sport because people pay money and they want to see action .

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