Kevin Randleman talks steroids in MMA

Mixed Martial Artist Kevin “The Monster” Randleman recently spoke out about Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids and their use in MMA.  Randleman denied accusations of using steroids in the past, as he explains;

“I don’t know why people still accuse me of me of using AAS, I have never tested positive. I believe if I’m going to play the game on an even playing field, the same rules should apply to everyone. I don’t think it’s right certain Brazillians stay roided up year round and why certain Americans have a six pack with a protruded abdomen. You don’t see that on me, I’m a genetic freak who has been greatly blessed by God.”

Randleman (17-12), was suspended by the NASC. Randleman apparently submitted a urine sample lacking any hormones to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. This indicated that the sample was fake. In an interview with MMAWeekly, he stated he failed to submit a urine sample due to his use of painkillers and antibiotics after his previous surgeries that may have prevented him from being cleared to fight, and his current health issues were a result of the cumulative effects of his surgeries, medication and fighting on his body

“Look man, people look at you and they believe you do something just because they are jealous that they themselves don’t have the drive and the work ethic you do. That’s all I’ll say on that, I’ve explained myself on this before.”

On October 22, 1996 at Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 4, Randleman’s MMA career began with wins over Luiz Carlos Macial, Geza Kalman and Dan Bobish to win the evening’s tournament. On March 3, 1997 at Universal Vale Tudo Fighting 6, he beat Ebenezer Fontes Braga and Mario Neto, but was crushingly defeated in his first loss by Carlos Barreto. Randleman believes there were shady circumstances in his fight with Barreto as he fought two other Brazilians that night who dragged the matches out by escaping the ring and hitting him from outside of the ring. He also suspected they were using steroids and other performance enhancing drugs which he is very much against and has openly stated he detested.

“Like I said, I know Brazillians who have been on this **** for years, they get by turning in someone else’s urine sample, the promoters pay the commission to look away. It’s no different than the NBA protectin’ Jordan or some ****. It’s like yeah man you travelled, but we ain’t gonna call it because you move us alot of merchandise. And this is supposed to be a true sport?”

Randleman said his first taste of just how corrupt the officials could be was UFC 20, when he lost via a very controversial decision against Bas Rutten.

“Everyone knows who won that fight. Everyone, just like everyone knows who would win if it were to happen again.”

Whatever the outcome may be, Randleman hopes the State Athletic Commissions will implement off season steroid testing, or testing for fighters not yet fighting, but still in a training camp. He is also putting in inqueries about the new human Growth Hormone detection system being implemented by the Olympic committee. Randleman is set to resume his career under the Strikforce banner.

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9 Comments on “Kevin Randleman talks steroids in MMA”

  1. drew Says:

    when is his next fight? whats taking so long? why not the ufc? is he scared of lesnar?

  2. kevinstovepipe Says:

    kevin was on steriods. how he can denie that fact is beond me! the was so amped in every fight i watched, even after words. good health and conditioning don’t explain the he acts. he lost the bos fight because his skills were not as honed as bos.

  3. randleman fan Says:

    um i dont think it is anything much but um he said he was never tested positive so there u go. kevin randleman beat sum ass thanks peace unbreakable!!!!!!

  4. cybervang Says:

    It’s lame to talk about steroids because THEY ALL USE it. Everyone of these athlete from Randy, Brock, Machida, Colemen, & ect all use it. They all got gyno tits but some just smaller. MMA is heavy competition and man you gotta have the EDGE or run out of juice fast & get your ass handed. The steroids in the US is a bit more advanced and harder to detect because of corruption. I don’t care if anyone flames me on this post but truth is THEY ALL use it. I myself and “all” my friends train hard as F*CK and we aint as strong, as big or as ripped. We all can’t be “ALL” not gifted. Steroids come in soo many forms. Some are clear “hard to detect” while some are used PRE-Season to BUFF and build Muscles & vanish before weigh ins or tests. My point is still the same. Steroid is used by ALL. None of them are natural. They are way too AMPED, too RIPPED, too strong, & way too GYNO to say they don’t use it.

    • Colindo504 Says:

      #CYBERVANG: i hear what you saying but disagree completely. Some are definitely are juicing, which makes my point harder to cross, but I play have been playing football my whole life and mma fighters have the physique of highschool fotball players…mind you we werent juicing!!! Using you and your weak ass friends as benchmarks is Hilarious!!! because if you were as talented as actual professional fighters you might train harder and do weight training…which only the top tier MMA fighters do…like Kevin said some are gifted and others arent its way more than training alone GENETICS maybe??? I’m 6’2/230lb and never was the biggest bestest lifter on any team, but still got bigger faster than most…honestly its diet, training, and MOST inportant DNA! and if you were in a fullout BRAWL infront of thousands of fans and whatnot u might have a go nutz after a scoring a KO also.

  5. aaaa Says:

    scared of lesnar? wtf ? u retarded? lesnar is not a scary guy at all… stop trippin

  6. perik Says:

    i found some cycles with anabolic steroids here
    what do you think about this one?

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