Frank Shamrock – “I want rematch with Diaz”

Four-time world champion and MMA legend Frank Shamrock (23-10-2) was on hand to field questions from the press during the special pre-fight event.  The last time Shamrock appeared in the cage he  suffered a TKO loss to Nick Diaz (20-7)  at 3:57 of the second round. Shamrock claims that there were many issues leading up to the bout which affected his performance, as he explains;

Certain things didn’t go well leading up to that fight, during practice I popped a few ribs – it was really painful at the time but I thought it wouldn’t have a big impact on the fight, but as you could see it obviously did. I could feel that I couldn’t get any power in my shots so I had to keep it standing. Before the fight, I was told that I had to rest my ribs for a while so  I couldn’t work out on the stability ball which is crucial to getting a good workout, most guys like to train BJJ, boxing or whatever but the stability ball encompasses all of those aspects into one. It was weird because usually I can go 3 rounds no problem but it was like my body started shutting down after the first round. I think that fight was a blessing is disguise, I changed up my training schedule and bought a new stability ball which I’ve been working out on to help me with my balance.  But props to Diaz he did a great job.

Although shortly after Shamrock’s disappointing performance many believed that this could be the last we see of the former champion in the cage, Shamrock revealed to the press that he has no intentions of winding down on his legendary career;

Of course the Diaz fight didn’t sit well with me so I definitely would like to get a rematch. There’s still plenty of fights left out there for me before I call it a day, if Tito wants to do it I wouldn’t mind kicking his ass again, I’m sure we could agree to a catch weight.

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