Dana – “If Sylvia wants to end his career in UFC he has to go on TUF”

Former two time UFC champion Tim Sylvia (24-5) recently talked to Fighters Only Magazine expressing interest that he would like to end his career with the UFC. However when  the 33-year-old Maine-iac squared off against legendary Mercer, 48, in a mixed martial arts encounter that formed part of the Adrenaline III show in Birmingham, Alabama. Sylvia was knocked out 9 seconds into the bout by an overhand right which left the former champion on the canvas, forcing the referee to call an end to the bout. The president of the UFC, Dana white was vocal on his thoughts regarding Sylvia’s comments on returning to the UFC:

“Are you kidding me, he  seriously wants to return to the UFC?” asked White “He hasn’t won a fight in years and when he did he usually put everyone to sleep, the only time he’s in an exciting fight is when he’s getting his [expletive] ass handed to him. Look, he just got beat by a near 50 year old in under 10 [expletive] seconds, how do you expect to be taken seriously after that? he just made MMA look like a  complete joke. If he has any hopes of ending his career  in (the) UFC he will have to go on TUF, there’s no other way he’s getting in”

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3 Comments on “Dana – “If Sylvia wants to end his career in UFC he has to go on TUF””

  1. Chiggs Says:

    LMFAO not sure who has the stupider look on their face, Dana in this Pic or the most recent one of Pee Pee Taste Timmeh!!! Damn he looks DUHH!!!! 😛

  2. Lee Says:

    LOL nice dana

  3. […] köra en match och det gick ju som det gick. Nu har också UFCs VD Dana White fått göra ett uttalande om Sylvias intresse att komma tillbaka till organisationen där han varit tvåfaldigt […]

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