Clay Guida – “I have the best shot at dethroning BJ Penn”

Clay ‘The Carpenter’ Guida (25-10) was on hand to field questions at a post fight interview. Clay  spoke about his split decision loss to Deigo Sanchez (21-2) at The Ultimate Fighter 9 finale as well as where he belives he fits in within the light weight division. Guida is adamant that he is still at the top of the heap in the light weight division and feels that the loss has not set him back:

“I don’t see how the judges could declare that a win for him, besides a flash knockdown (he) never had me in any real danger during the fight. I was actually a little surprised by the decision I thought the judges would’ve scored the fight in my favour considering that I controlled the pace of the fight and, but that’s how (it) is I guess – you know sometimes the ref picks who wins and other times they let the fighters decide. The fact that it was a split decision shows you how close the fight was, I still feel that I’m a top contender at this weight and should be in line for the title. I always go out there looking to finish my opponent and push the pace, I hate to see guys stall while in a dominant position and rely on the judges to hand them the win. ”

Guida then went on to comment on how he believes that stylistically he would be the most difficult match up for the current champion – BJ Penn. “I saw his fight against St Pierre and I noticed some holes in his game that I could capitalize on. On a style basis I think that I have the best shot at dethroning BJ (Penn) right now. The blueprint is out there now I will just need to reapply it.”

When asked about who he would like to face next, Guida responded “I will do whatever Dana and the UFC wants me to, I have proven myself at 155. If they want me to go up in weight, I feel I can  create some waves at that division too”

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