Bob Sapp responds to Lashley’s comments

Bob ‘The Beast” Sapp is set to take on former WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley in the main event for the Ultimate Chaos pay-per-view on Saturday. Both fighters possess professional fighting and professional wrestling experience.Sapp feels that this a fight which will not last very long. “This fight isn’t going past the second round, the score cards won’t matter in this one – make no mistake he’s (Lashley) getting knocked out. I hope he left the WWE on good terms because he might need a new job after this one [is] over”

In an interview with Fight Lashley claimed that he will stand with Sapp to which Sapp replied “I hope he’s a man of his word and is stupid enough to stand because he will find out the hard way what a concussion feels like. But rest assured if the fight does indeed end up on the ground, I’ve been working hard on my ground game so don’t be surprised to see ‘The Beast’ pull off a submission.”

Sapp was also critical of the UFC in stating that he feels they are moving more towards entertainment in the fighting world instead of sport.”You heard a lot of ‘Bob is more entertaining’ –especially when the UFC began to rise,” Sapp said. “One of the things Dana White was saying is that ‘we are more sports oriented.’ But then they go sign Kimbo Slice up for the reality show. The same goes with Brock [Lesnar] – he was signed after having one fight” When asked how he feels he matches up with current UFC champion Brock Lesnar, Sapp responded “Well, once I’m done with the black version you tell me.”

Sapp previously worked in the music industry when releasing his album ‘Sapp Time’, he suggested that he would like to return to the recording studio after his fight with Lashley  “It was a great experience, and I heard a lot people liked what they heard, so of course I would like to go back to making music at some point down the line”

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