Rich Franklin “I would love to fight for the title here at 205”

Coming off a stunning KO victory over hall of famer Chuck Liddell, Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin addressed questions from the press at the post-fight conference of UFC 115.  When asked where he believes he fits in the divison Franklin answered:

“If it was up to me I would love to fight for the title here at 205, thats my personal goal I’m aiming for right now but at the end of the days that’s the UFC’s call and not mine so whoever they want me to face I will. As far as I know the winner of Randy Couture vs James Toney is probably next in line for the title but I would love to compete against either one of them to determine the number one contender.”

Franklin also addressed a potential return to the middlweight class where he was once champion claiming that he was unhappy with his past performances against current middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“There are some great fights for me at 185, a lot of well rounded guys there. I would like to face Anderson [Silva] again, simply because I know I did not perform to the best of my ability. I mean not to sound pretentious or anything but I think I’ve progressed enough skill-wise to a point where I could potentially win in that situation. I had him hurt a couple of occasions but I couldn’t close it because my KO power hadn’t really developed like it has now.”

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