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Bob Sapp responds to Lashley’s comments

July 1, 2009

Bob ‘The Beast” Sapp is set to take on former WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley in the main event for the Ultimate Chaos pay-per-view on Saturday. Both fighters possess professional fighting and professional wrestling experience.Sapp feels that this a fight which will not last very long. “This fight isn’t going past the second round, the score cards won’t matter in this one – make no mistake he’s (Lashley) getting knocked out. I hope he left the WWE on good terms because he might need a new job after this one [is] over”

In an interview with Fight Lashley claimed that he will stand with Sapp to which Sapp replied “I hope he’s a man of his word and is stupid enough to stand because he will find out the hard way what a concussion feels like. But rest assured if the fight does indeed end up on the ground, I’ve been working hard on my ground game so don’t be surprised to see ‘The Beast’ pull off a submission.”

Sapp was also critical of the UFC in stating that he feels they are moving more towards entertainment in the fighting world instead of sport.”You heard a lot of ‘Bob is more entertaining’ –especially when the UFC began to rise,” Sapp said. “One of the things Dana White was saying is that ‘we are more sports oriented.’ But then they go sign Kimbo Slice up for the reality show. The same goes with Brock [Lesnar] – he was signed after having one fight” When asked how he feels he matches up with current UFC champion Brock Lesnar, Sapp responded “Well, once I’m done with the black version you tell me.”

Sapp previously worked in the music industry when releasing his album ‘Sapp Time’, he suggested that he would like to return to the recording studio after his fight with Lashley  “It was a great experience, and I heard a lot people liked what they heard, so of course I would like to go back to making music at some point down the line”


Michael Jackson tribute to be played at UFC 100

July 1, 2009

Although rock band Limp Bizkit was originally scheduled to perform at UFC 100 in the Mandalay Bay Events Center, it appears that Zuffa will be replacing their segment with a timely tribute to the ‘King of Pop’ – Michael Jackson who has recently passed away at the age of 50. Jackson was known to be an avid mixed martial arts fan who secretly attended many UFC events. He was seen last seen at UFC 84 in May of 2008 concealing his identity to avoid garnering media attention, the president of the UFC Dana White praised Jackson for attending past UFC events and for his continuous support for mixed martial arts ;

I know Michael attended live UFC events a few times in the past. You know we lost a great ambassador for the sport and he truly help the sport grow, so offering a tribute is the least we can do.

White then announced a special post fight ceremony to be held where Michael Jackson will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

I know the hall of fame is more for the fighters, but Michael helped the sport grow so I think we can make an exception in this one instance.

Many fighters under the UFC banner were influenced by Jacksons music including the current UFC Middleweight champion – Anderson Silva who himself expressed his interest in taking part in the tribute:

I first heard his music when I was very young. He touched me very much back then, I would love to perform ‘Thriller’ in honour of my idol. He [Jackson] deserves a good send off and I am happy that [the] UFC is paying their tribute to a legend.

Others influenced by Micheal Jackson included former Welterweight champion Matt Hughes,

“I know people think of me as just a country music fan, but his [Jackson’s] music transcended all social bounds. I would have to say my favourite song of his was ‘Dirty Diana’. I can remember days when I didn’t feel like training and I used to put that song on and it would get me fired up.”

Clay Guida – “I have the best shot at dethroning BJ Penn”

June 21, 2009

Clay ‘The Carpenter’ Guida (25-10) was on hand to field questions at a post fight interview. Clay  spoke about his split decision loss to Deigo Sanchez (21-2) at The Ultimate Fighter 9 finale as well as where he belives he fits in within the light weight division. Guida is adamant that he is still at the top of the heap in the light weight division and feels that the loss has not set him back:

“I don’t see how the judges could declare that a win for him, besides a flash knockdown (he) never had me in any real danger during the fight. I was actually a little surprised by the decision I thought the judges would’ve scored the fight in my favour considering that I controlled the pace of the fight and, but that’s how (it) is I guess – you know sometimes the ref picks who wins and other times they let the fighters decide. The fact that it was a split decision shows you how close the fight was, I still feel that I’m a top contender at this weight and should be in line for the title. I always go out there looking to finish my opponent and push the pace, I hate to see guys stall while in a dominant position and rely on the judges to hand them the win. ”

Guida then went on to comment on how he believes that stylistically he would be the most difficult match up for the current champion – BJ Penn. “I saw his fight against St Pierre and I noticed some holes in his game that I could capitalize on. On a style basis I think that I have the best shot at dethroning BJ (Penn) right now. The blueprint is out there now I will just need to reapply it.”

When asked about who he would like to face next, Guida responded “I will do whatever Dana and the UFC wants me to, I have proven myself at 155. If they want me to go up in weight, I feel I can  create some waves at that division too”

Brock Lesnar – “Kurt would definitely be a threat to my title”

June 18, 2009

Current UFC  heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar (3-1) was  recently asked on ESPN radio, amongst various other topics –  how he feels olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle would fare in mixed martial arts competition. The question stemmed from Angle’s previous comments, expressing interest in competing in mixed martial arts. Lesnar had the following to say;

You know Kurt has all the tools to make the switch to MMA, and if he’s willing to put the time and effort in – I think he could reach the top of the ladder pretty easily and I hate to admit it but he would definitely be a threat to my title. I’ve said (it) before, he is a better wrestler than I am and that would come into play in MMA. Having stong  wrestling ability in my opinon is the most important skill required for MMA and Kurt has that in abundance.

With his olympic wrestling background I could see him going far in MMA, I don’t see no reason why someone with his skills and athleticism  can’t compete at the highest level like how I did.

Lesnar is currently set to defend his UFC title against interim champion, Frank Mir at UFC 100 on July 13th.